2013 June

Borje Salming 1973 – 74

Borje Salming game used jersey from his rookie season 1973-74 while playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Nice repairs on the belly and loads of pilling inside and our of this sweet Maple Leafs durene jersey. Lots of wear all over this one as Salming cut his teeth in the NHL wearing this jersey. Very Learn More >>

Wayne Gretzky 1995 – 96

Nice aluminum stick from Wayne Gretzky brief time with the St. Louis Blues. Gretzky used this stick during the playoffs and has really nice use. Comes from the collection of the Blues trainer.

STICKSWayne Gretzky 1990

Of all the sticks I have, these two mean more to me that the rest. I was lucky enough to have met Wayne Gretzky soon after I signed a minor league contract with the California Angels in 1990. Wayne gave me the new stick after a practise in Culver City and I spent the next Learn More >>

Wayne Gretzky 1988 – 89

Very early and maybe even the first stick Wayne Gretzky used after being sent to the Los Angeles Kings from the Edmonton Oilers. Gretzky used Grippers during all of his time in Los Angeles other than a few sticks that were used early on with his normal tape job as this one shows.

STICKSWayne Gretzky 1980-81

Second season Wayne Gretzky game used stick. This one has had the tape removed due to a slight chip on the top end of the blade from NHL use. It has the same rare red stamp name and is also dated the same as the other stick from the same season in another post.