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Bjorn Borg Match Used Racquet 1976-79

This Bjorn Borg match used racquet comes directly from the Lennart Bergelin collection. Bergelin was Borgs' long time coach and mentor and this racquet was found in 2012 at Lennart's house in Sweden. I purchased the collection from his son Niclas. Borg signed the Diadora poster to me, saying, I have the biggest Borg collection in the world. He did not even know these items existed until Niclas asked him to sign the racquets in 2012.

This Donnay Allwood has some really nice use on it. The grip is very well worn yet the head of the racquet is some what clean of court marks, which leads me to think this one was used on a grass court during tournament play. It may have been Wimbledon as the collection has only has a few of these type that were put away as special keepsake racquets by Bergelin. You can also see the signs of this racquet having been restrung as the marks from previous strings exist on the head of the frame. This one was used for more than one match.

The strings show amazing use, not because they were cut for storage or the racquet would warp, but because you can see the the fraying on the sweet spot. There is also some over spray from the paint used to mark the racquet with Donnay's trade mark D on the strings. Very neat little touch is the BB in old school dymo-tape on the shaft of the racquet, just above the elongated grip. In the picture below with Sergio Garcia, Borg is doing an excahnge with Sergio and as you can see, the same type of cut strings are on the racquet he gifted to Garcia.

Bjorn Borg had his racquets made heavier than any pro at this time as well as having that special long grip for his two handed backhands he was famous for. This one weighs in at 411 grams. The letter signed by Borg in the auction states the weight at 415 grams. Well within acceptable range for being done in Sweden and then scaled by me in Toronto.

Nice signature on the grip makes this a very special racquet to own for any Bjorn Borg fan or any fan of Tennis in the 70's. Borg was a rock star and was one of the most famous athletes on the planet.

These type of racquets simply do not exist on the open market. Borg has never signed letters for any of his match used items, ever. This is the first and only time this will occur.

The only player to have won five Wimbledon championships in a row and one of the world's first multi million dollar sportsmen. His duels with John McEnroe are the stuff of legend...

With 11 titles, Borg ranks fourth in the list of male tennis players who have won grand slams behind Roger Federer (16), Pete Sampras (14) and Roy Emmerson (12).

This racquet comes with the signed letter from Bjorn Borg, along with my certificate of authenticity and guarantee.
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