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Wayne Gretzky Game Used Stick

This perfect Wayne Gretzky game used stick was given to Danny Kepley of the Edmonton Eskimos CFL football team. He and Wayne became friends while they both played in Edmonton for their respective clubs. The stick comes with a letter right from Danny outlining his time meeting Wayne and being given the stick after a game in Edmonton. Kepley misdated the letter as this stick is from a game in 1994. During this game, Gretzky scored his 790th goal on route to winning the Art Ross trophy for leading the league in scoring. The game was held on January 2, 1994 in Edmonton.

The pearly aluminum is dated RS for regular season 94 for 1994. The game is denoted by EDM 667, being the 667th game of the NHL master schedule for that season and was played by the Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings. The printing on the knob was done by Peter Millar, the Kings equipment man. The fish is his special symbol.

The stick shows perfect game use and has baby powder residue on the blade that Gretzky was known to put on his tape before games. You can see where the puck marks have removed the powder and where the rest remains.

The blade tape is also worn on the top and bottom with some scrapes and other marks down the shaft and on the blade where another Gretzky name stamp is found. The Gretzky black gripper also has some slight damage to it which may have been from putting it on the stick.

Gretzky sticks like this one are getting very tough to find as collectors keep these type with perfect provenance, in their collections for good. This one has all the bells and whistles you would want for any true Wayne Gretzky game used stick.

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