Borje Salming 1981 – 82

Borje Salming Game Used Jersey 1981 1982 Toronto Maple Leafs Photo Matched

  Borje Salming wore this  jersey In the 1981-82 season for the Leafs. Photo matched to the repair on the bottom part of the number 2 on the left sleeve while playing the Canucks. In the same photo, you can see the exact same creasing In the Leafs logo. I have counted 26 repairs along with the sleeves having been tailored to be extra wide for Salming. The training  staff has put a four or five Inch Insert Into the sleeves, that tapers all the way up to the arm pit and down the side of the jersey. This modification matches up to the 1987 two patch Salming In  the other post.

Borje Salming Game Used Worn Jersey Toronto Maple Leafs 1982Borje Salming