Ted Williams Signature

      Really nice Ted Williams Signed baseball. It’s on a William Harridge game used American League Ball. The signature was done in the period while Williams was playing as evidenced by the wonderful old school fountain pen. The number 9 was added by the youngster who acquired the signature.  From 1931 to 1958, Learn More >>

Fergie Jenkins 1968

Used for the whole 1968 season, this glove was confirmed to have been given to Barney Sterling, Long time Cubs photographer, directly from Fergie himself. He told me he gave his gloves to Barney after every 20th win. I first met Fergie when he was the pitching coach for team Canada baseball in 1987. Every Learn More >>

Joe DiMaggio


Roy Halladay Blue Jays

Really sweet early career Roy Halladay game used glove. Lots of use suggests he wore this one a long time. Photo reference for now, but looking to match it soon. The initials on the glove I think are his wife’s.

Game Used Default

Mike Piazza Mask

Really sweet game used mask worn by Mike Piazza of the Los Angeles Dodgers during the 1995 or 1996 season. This photo matched mask was obtained by famed hockey mask maker, Don Straus, . Mike gave him this mask to make him a prototype of the mask worn by hockey goalies to better protect Learn More >>