1.  This auction site is run buy a collector, for the collector in mind. In saying that, I offer a 100% money back guarantee, if your item is not as described. I've always thought that should be the first statement an auction site should have. I stand behind what I sell, period. If an item is photo matched, has a letter from the team or player, there will be no returns on those pieces. Every item will be described and pictured to the best of my knowledge and research. Nothing hidden or not mentioned and every detail covered.

  2. Our next auction is now running. Any item that gets a bid, will end 21 days after that bid is placed. The rest of the auction will end in the same style as before. There is no buyers premium. You must be pre approved to bid on any item with a value of over $5,000. Please email me for approval. The next rule is not valid for these new auctions as of 2018.

  3. The auction style is the most bidding friendly system out there. You must place at least one bid on an item to be able to participate in the overtime. This means that if you do not have one bid in on any item, you will get shut out of the entire auction for the overtime. If you have one bid in before overtime, you are able to bid on any item, other than an item that has only one bid at auctions end.

     If you are the only bidder on an item after the auction ends, you will win that item right away with out going into overtime on that lot.

    Once the auction is over and overtime begins, each item that has more than one bid will be put on a 15 minute overtime clock. During this time, every new bid resets that items clock. The only time the clock will not reset is if you increase your maximum bid. You will not bid against yourself. Each Lot will end on an individual basis, once no bids are placed during any 15 minute period. If there is a reserve on that particular lot you are bidding on, the clock will reset with each bid, until the reserve is met. In the event two bidders have the same bid, the first bidder to that amount, will be leading the auction.

  4.  Auction is conducted in U.S. funds. Bid increments are 10% on every item.

  5.  Payments must be received no later than 15 days after the auction, unless prior arrangements have been made. I accept bank drafts, E-transfer for Canadian bidders, money orders, and checks. Checks are held till funds are cleared.  No Paypal accepted. Money orders and bank drafts, will have your item shipped within one week. Address for payment will be sent to winning bidders. All times are Eastern Standard as we are in Toronto. We apply appropriate sales tax to Ontario residents and each Province accordingly, which will reflect on your invoice. 

  6.  Shipping charges will be the exact costs, and nothing more.

  7. Once you have registered, you are able to bid in any auction at any time. Your username and your location will be seen by other bidders. Your email and other Information is kept private and will never be shared with anyone at anytime. 

  8. No reserves in this auction.

  9. If you have any questions or comments, I can be reached by email at or by phone. I will answer calls between 9am and 5pm eastern standard time. Todd 416-930-4471

  10. You will be notified by email if you're winning an auction, if you have been outbid and alerted to the auctions end. If you win an auction, you will also receive a winning bidder email.

  11. No consignors can bid on their own items. No one can see your ceiling bids.