Wayne Gretzky 1996 WC

  This is a beautiful Wayne Gretzky Canada Cup 1996 game used jersey. It Is perfectly photo matched In several areas but the neatest Is the blood stains that were washed out, yet still exist on the left shoulder. The skating player in the logo Is also washed out from blood stains. The Captains C Learn More >>

Wayne Gretzky 1991 – 1992

  Gretzky 2 patched, multiple photo matched gamer from the Kings 25th year in the NHL, and the NHL’s 75th year in existence. The jersey is set tagged in black marker by Peter Millar, 1991-92-away, circled PM-set 2. That season marking the NHL 75th, teams wore home jerseys at home and  sometimes on the road. Learn More >>

Bjorn Borg 1978

Borg Is using the exact type Racquet in the picture of him at the 1978 US Open. You can see the same type of grip extension used on this Racquet and the one he is using. There are 6 tiny nails extending one Fairway grip to another. Really neat detail to be able to see Learn More >>