Utica Blue Sox 1988

I was not a big fan of the S2 model bat but this one felt nice in my hands and had some wide grain so I used it from time to time. I lived with three  teammates in Utica, John Furch, Mike Mitchener and Raul Bedoya, above an Italian Restaurant. When it was 90 degrees outside, it was 107 in our apartment as we lived directly above the ovens. I can also remember a large hole in the floor, right beside the couch which allowed us to know when they were busy.  They were really nice people and gave us  sweet deals on some tasty food. After  long bus rides, they were a welcome site. Our rooms were so small, that if I let one of my arms stretch out while in bed, i’d smack Mitch in the belly!!… Very funny story… One lazy, mid 100’s afternoon, I have just enough coin to grab a small oscillating fan..I do so at the little mall up the street. I return to the sweat shop and set that puppy up in my bedroom. It was maybe 3 feet away from the foot of the bed, room was maybe 10 feet long…Time for the pre game napparoo and with the fan, I actually think I may get to sleep this time. As it turned out, it was not enough for me to have it only cooling me off for half the time as i looked over and saw Mitch, sleeping like the large man child he was…So, I get up and turn the fan on hold and point it at me. As I begin to cool down, I hear some rustling beside me. I then barely peak over to see what’s up, as if I didn’t know, I see some beads of sweat, drooling down Mike’s melon. He starts cursing me under his breathe, but not really, as I pretended to sleep… Something about, he pays for the blanken fan so he thinks he can do what he wants!! I had to start laughing at that point I couldn’t hold it in any longer…I mean, hey, it was my fan, right??