Brian Glennie 1969 – 70

Nice old school Leafs durene from Brian Glennie. It has really neat style repairs that I hadn’t seen until I saw these ones. It has what I would call, behind pinched repairs. It looks like the trainer would pinch the material from inside and sew it up very well as to not see it on the outside of the jersey. I have just been Informed by Joe Sgro, the trainer of the Leafs from 1968 to 1977, that the repairs on jerseys from this era were done by the cleaners of the jerseys and that they were cleaned after every game. The General Athletic tag Is well worn and has come loose at one side, very common for this type jersey. If you look at the Pulford on the site, It has many Inside repairs as well. As time goes on and new trainers come to the club, they sew them differently and more quickly with less care and thus you see the outside repair work all over the jersey. Each team has different styles and characteristics of this tradition. This can become a very good way to tell if what you are looking at, is real. Some clubs take more care than others for example. This jersey is a welcome addition to the Gameusedonly collection.