California Seals 1967


This puppy is one rare gem of a collectors item. This equipment bag was used by Mike Laughton for both his NHL seasons with the Oakland Seals. What makes this bag so cool is that you rarely find any gear from the Seals with the original name and logo. The club was originally named the California Seals but after the pre season, the name changed to Oakland Seals and the C was removed from their jerseys and replaced with the O you see on most items from this era.


Sometimes in this hobby you come across some items that just make you smile and for me, this is one of them. Take a look at all the material backed repairs, done in the same fashion as the ones you see on the Bobby Baun game used jersey in another post on the site. This bag might have also been used after the second season as it just shows an amazing amount of wear and tear. The zipper works like new and all the identifiers are sewn on and are made of heavy felt material. This bag happens to be from the year I was born adding to its allure.