Carl Yastrzemski 1982


Nice Yaz bat from his last couple years in the bigs. Cork grip on the handle, Yaz used tape most of the time in  barber pole style on the handle. Sometimes, nothing at all. This C271 is 34.5 Inches and weighs 33 ounces. You can see the area where the weighted on deck doughnut took the finish off the bat. Cracked handle which runs through the corked grip. The grain is wide as Yaz liked and  straight is a must. Crooked grained bats crack easier and usually are sent to lesser players or the minors. Factory shipping  records from Louisville match this bat as well. You don’t need factory records to make sure you have a real bat but it doesn’t hurt to know. If you have a hall of famer and he used Louisville bats, you can see when he ordered a particular bat. If you have a question about a bat , send me an email. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Nice photo reference and maybe a match just posted. You can see the cork grip with white tape being used to secure it. Areas of it pulling away can be seen as well.