Minor League

Todd Bargman

  This picture was taken at the LA Kings practise facility in Culver City California, January 1990. Peter Millar gets photo credit on this one. This was the first of several times I got to hang around the Kings and the Great One. I had just signed with the Angels in October and was working Learn More >>

Utica Blue Sox 1988

  I was not a big fan of the S2 model bat but this one felt nice in my hands and had some wide grain so I used it from time to time. I lived with three  teammates in Utica, John Furch, Mike Mitchener and Raul Bedoya, above an Italian Restaurant. When it was 90 Learn More >>

Todd Bargman 1990

  I didn’t take too much ribbing from these bats. I had met Bill Steel, the main man at Rawlings who made all the bats for major leaguers, in 1988 while I was in Utica. Several of the guys made the voyage to Dolgelville NY. Bill took us down into the main bat making area Learn More >>

Todd Bargman 1988

  This is a very special bat to me. In 1988 while attending Oklahoma State, my roommate, Benny Castillo had his friend stay with us for a while before he went to spring training. His name was Theron Todd. I asked him since he was a pro at this time, if he could order me Learn More >>

Todd Bargman 1988

  This bat was the first one i was issued as a pro in 1988. I played 10 games in A ball, and most of my at bats were with this sweet P shooter. It finally cracked but only after several hits. I used number 17, which was handed down from the 1987 White Sox Learn More >>