Roy Halladay 2001

    It would certainly have been more enjoyable to have written this while Roy Halladay was still on the planet, but unfortunatley, he is not. His tragic end and sudden death shocked the baseball world and Torontonians, to their cores. This one of a kind specialty jersey was worn by Roy after the 911 Learn More >>

Toronto Maple Leafs

  This Is just a wonderful piece of Canadian Baseball history. This jersey was worn by the Toronto Maple Leafs of the International League. Jack Kent Cooke, born In Ontario, owned the Leafs from 1951 to 1961. He left Canada In ’61 and three years later sold the ball club. Jack Kent cooke went on Learn More >>

Dave Stieb 1982

  This jersey should have the name on back as the jays started that in 1980. This was sold to me by self proclaimed expert ZANE BURNS. He sold it to me with out telling me that the name on back was either removed or never existed and that the numbers on the back are Learn More >>

Roy Halladay 1998

    This is the first jersey Roy Halladay wore as a Toronto Blue Jay. In his first big league spring training, he wore 44 and was wearing this jersey the first time he ever took to the field as a professional. This one was acquired directly from the Blue Jays. It shows nice wear Learn More >>

Jim Clancy 1977

Amazing jersey worn during the first season of the Toronto Blue Jays by starting pitcher, Jim Clancy. The Jays only used this font in 1977 and not again. This one was sent to the minors after Jim threw road games in it for the big club. Clancy came to the Jays after being drafted in Learn More >>