Cecil Fielder 1988

I can’t believe this jersey once went over Big Daddy’s upper torso!! Amazing really!! Not sure how may guys hit 50 + dongs in the steroid era, with no aid of the juice, but he was one of them. I met him once In Arizona, holding court In a local big time bar. He was Learn More >>

Tom Henke 1988


John Olerud 1996

George Bell 1984

This jersey was used by George Bell during the 1984 season. It had the Toronto 150th Birthday patch removed from the left sleeve as believe all the Jays from that season suffered the same fate. All Toronto sports teams donned the same patch that year, the Blue Jays, Maple Leafs, Argos and Blizzard. Nice photo match just Learn More >>

Ed Sprague 93 World Series

A rare  World Series Jays jersey. Only the top players got Issued new jersey for the fall classic. This one was worn for the first half of the regular season, then also worn for road games In the World Series. If you see any pictures of the Jays after the win, you will notice that Learn More >>