Darryl Sittler 1974 – 75

  Not often do you find Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys from the durene tie down era. These type were often thrown out and sent to minor league teams in the system and also used in practises. This special gamer was worn by then assistant Captain, Darryl Sittler. Shows incredible season long use. Sittler was given Learn More >>

Simon Nolet 1974 – 75

Dave Schultz 1974 – 75

  The hammer was a beast out there for the Broad Street Bullies In the seventies. This jersey was worn In the 1974-75  season, while he was racking up an NHL record 472 penalty minutes which still stands today. This Is one record that we can safely say will never be broken. They would throw Learn More >>

Wayne Gretzky 1991 – 1992

  Gretzky 2 patched, multiple photo matched gamer from the Kings 25th year in the NHL, and the NHL’s 75th year in existence. The jersey is set tagged in black marker by Peter Millar, 1991-92-away, circled PM-set 2. That season marking the NHL 75th, teams wore home jerseys at home and  sometimes on the road. Learn More >>