Ian Turnbull 1980 – 81

  Sandow Leafs game used jerseys are rare enough having only been used during the 1980-81 season. This one belonged to Ian Turnbull, whose jerseys are one of the rarest of Leafs from his era. This is the first one I have seen.

Gary Nylund 1984

  Gary Nylund’s game used jersey from 1984-85. Shows really nice wear and repairs from sticks and brawls. This one was probably used for half the season. I’m not sure what size the jersey Is as the tagging Is long since gone but It’s huge. I met Gary In 1982 when I was 14 or Learn More >>

Jack Valiquette 1977 – 78

  The coveted Leafs durene Bat Man logo. Nice marks on this one even though the Leafs dry cleaned their jerseys. You just can’t get deep harsh marks like this out sometimes. All the same stitching for the back numbers and logo, Leafs Blue.The arm number 8’s, are done In white. Nice to have this one In the collection. Learn More >>