Dave Stieb 1982

This jersey should have the name on back as the jays started that in 1980. This was sold to me by self proclaimed expert ZANE BURNS. He sold it to me with out telling me that the name on back was either removed or never existed and that the numbers on the back are not original. That is fraud, plain and simple. Guys like him should be outed at every chance when they do things like this. Nasty bugger who is never wrong and can’t stand to be told that anything he sold is not good. Do not deal with this person, you will regret it. I have also sent bats back to him after his description was not correct. Buyer beware of this well know Ebay guy selling bats and jerseys. He either is no expert, or he is a con man, one way or the other, he does not deserve to be selling items to the public.