Dock Ellis 1971


This is a really cool jersey with history. It comes directly from the collection of Kent Tekulve. He wore this jersey in 1972 while playing double A ball for the Sherbrooke Pirates. The jersey was handed down from the Pirates after its use in ’71 by Ellis. The letter from Tekulve states this Information. It is also marked with his nick name TEKE, for easier sorting after being laundered, a very common practise in the minors. The Pirates used a different location on the numbers in different years and so the pictures from ’71 of Ellis, are all of this jersey. This one matches up perfectly to the 1971 location of the number 17. Ellis had a great season in ’71 going 19-9, all star appearance and winning the World Series. Not sure if this was worn in the series or if the Pirates changed sets for the playoffs, but I will be looking to see if it is. The first picture of Ellis, is not the jersey in this post. The second, taken at the ’71 All Star game, is. Notice the positioning of the numbers to the Pirates script. The other pictures are all from 1971. Reggie jackson hit a tape measure homer off Ellis In the ’71 All Star game that hit a transformer on the roof of Tiger Stadium and knocked it out!!