FAKE Danny Gare 1980


This Gare jersey has been found to be fake. Purchased before I had more knowledge In the hobby. It was bought on Ebay from ROOSTERSPORTS, who’s name Is Anthony Cocchi, a known thief In our hobby. The numbers ones are new and show no use and are sewn with different type stitching. The repairs are not sabres type and the Captains C has been doctored and not the style used by the club during this era. ALWAYS ask to see a jersey Inside out and close ups of inside and out patches and sewing  All patterns should be the same sewing wise If a jersey Is ok. Google Anthony Cocchi for some Interesting reads. The guy who faked up many Sabres jerseys to be sold Is TONY MANCUSO. Another fine thief In the hobby. Stay away from these two criminals, they are bad news and can only cause you grief!! I just posted a picture of what true sabre repairs look like.