Mike Milbury 75-6 & 76-77


You really have to like Bruins jersey from this era. As known recyclers or better yet, cheap, the club would use and reuse jerseys all the time. This durene jersey  was first donned by either Al Simmons, 7 games or Dough Halward, 22 games, during the first part of the 1975-6 season. Milbury wore this for his rookie appearance during the same season and only played 3 games. It originally had the Centennial patches on each shoulder and after the season, they were replaced by the Bear head and used for the following pre season 76-77 regular season, all by Milbury. Take a good look at the Inside out Bear patches. You can notice the outline of the patch being removed from the previous year. I like when jerseys have been recycled and used by several players and have only had changes done by the team at that time. This durene beauty has repairs from 2 plus years of service in the NHL. Amazing to survive in this nice condition. The fight strap affixed to the back of the jersey shows signs of rust from the abuse this jersey has taken. These type were made from simple garter belt straps, used to keep the players socks up. Great idea to not let another guy pull your jersey over your head and fill you in on the finer points of pummelling.

Mike Milbury played for the Boston Bruins for all 12 of his NHL seasons. Not many players can boast that stat let alone that he was from Brighton, Massachusetts. Milbury played in 754 regular season games and added another 86 playoff contests. Mike played a typical Bruins defence style, rough and tumble as any home town guy would do. In 1977, Milbury gave me one of his Northland sticks at practise at North York Centennial Arena. I am almost certain it was the one he used the night prior at Maple Leaf Gardens. He gave it to me right after practise ended as he left the ice. I will post that stick as well.