Mike Palmateer 82-83


Another cool story on this one. I lived across the street from the arena where the Leafs practiced when Maple Leaf Gardens was busy with other shows. I asked Mike Palmateer on a Tuesday afternoon at the practice rink, for the stick he was going to use in the Bruins game the next night. I miss those Wednesday night games! Being a Bruins, quasi Leafs fan, It was a double win. The next day, I went to the rink at 10 am and Palmateer pulled up a little while after. I saw the stick as he got out of the car and I got a huge smile on my face.. I knew what that was…What an awesome guy… He then realized that I should have been in school and asked me exactly that. I said, ya, well, I should be in school, so he asked me where I went and told me to jump in the car, he was taking me to school!! He drove a station wagon and I was really hoping someone would be outside my school to see me get dropped of by the Leafs net minder, but no such luck!! Nice way to start a school day.