Nevin Markwart 1989 – 90


This sweet jersey was worn by Nevin Markwart while playing for the Boston Bruins during the 1989-90 and 1990-91 seasons. Originally made for the 89-90 season as evidenced by the gold custom crafted stampings on the rear hem. With the amount of wear on this jersey, it must have been worn the following season as Nevin only played 8 games in 89-90 and 23 more in 90-91. It shows nice wear in the form of stick marks pilling and fight abuse on the sleeve. Un repaired holes and stick slashes on the elbows and arm numbers.  The action shot of Nevin below seems to match up to this jersey for positioning of the numbers on the sleeves and the front crest in the exact position as this one.      For Sale ** 1,200**