Bjorn Borg Painted Borg Pro Match Used Tennis Racquet

A special and rare Racquet from the Iceman. This looks to be a painted Borg pro made to look like a Bancroft. Notice on the butt cap, you can see the B sticker over the D for Donnay that is screened on the plastic. The drilled holes also match up to the Borg pro as well as seeing signs of red paint coming through the head of the racket. This one weighs 419 grams.  This type of racket was seen being used in Sydney Australia AKAI In 1982. It would seem that Borg ran out of Bancroft racquets but he was sponsored by them so the team had to trick these ones up to appear to be his Bancroft personal. Very neat details on this racquet. The Bancroft graphics are stickers directly over top the Borg Pro colouring.

The Bancroft racquets that he used, did not have the extreme large frame at the  base of the flake as the Borg Pro so its easy to see this detail making it a Borg Pro.

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