Bjorn Borg Wimbledon Used Donnay Allwood Tennis Racquet

  This is one special match used Racquet from Bjorn Borg. Lennart Bergelin had this one put away after the 1977 Wimbledon tournament. It was restrung in order to have it put on display at several museums around Sweden. Rose Marie Bergelin's letter along with a letter from Borg himself attest to these facts, both signed and dated.

 What i've noticed in researching this collection, the use on racquets seem to show mostly on the grip and some on the frame. When a racquet is used on grass, the frame stays clean for the most part. You can notice some really nice marks from Bjorn Borg’s sweat all over the grip on this sweet Racquet. The leather turns a little black and the grip becomes more slick, which caused Borg to have saw dust in his pocket to take the moisture off the grip and continue playing. In the post with the Bancroft Racquet at the US Open, you can see him applying saw dust on the grip as described.

  Having a Wimbledon Match Used Racquet from Borg is a very special item to say the least. Game used only is the home of the largest Bjorn Borg collection anywhere.

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