Bobby Baun California Seals 1967 Game Used Jersey

 First year Oakland Seals jersey worn by their first round pick in the expansion draft of 1967, Bobby Baun. Baun was the hero for the Maple leafs in 1964, scoring the Stanley Cup winning goal on a fractured leg.

 Photo matched, as this is the only road jersey Baun used that season. I have seen a video of the Seals playing Toronto and they are wearing the white jerseys, so they must have worn them anytime the other club wore dark jerseys. I assume the C was removed for use in 1968-9 season. More matches to come as well. The tie down lace area is matched in every single aspect, along with a large tied up ball of lace that can be seen in several photos. In the picture of the tie down area inside out, you can see where the lace is newer and thicker from being tucked inside and the rest of the lace shows great wear. The C crest, which was removed part way through the 67 season, was replaced with the O for the rest of that season, and through to 1970. You can see the pictures of Baun prior to the crest replacement. There is an area where you can see the remnants of the previous crest when the jersey is inside out, in one of the pictures below.

 It is just hammered with use. Material backed repairs dot this puppy and it just reeks old time hockey. I just added two hockey cards that are both this jersey. One is of Baun after his trade to the Wings, but the picture is from the Seals and you can see the same tie down knot and tie down lacing. You can also notice the same small threads on the white part of the collar where the stitching went over on the left side. The other card is the jersey being worn by a different player for the hockey card picture. You can see the 21 on the sleeve and also the C crest and not the O for Oakland.

 More photos to come.


Bobby_Baun_Game_Used_Jersey_1967_Oakland_Seals_NHL_ExpansionOakland_Seals_NHL_Jersey_Bobby_BaunBobby-Baun-1967Oakland-Seals-Bobby-Baun-Jersy-repairs1967-Oakland-Seals-Jersey-BaunBaun-1967-California-SealsBobby-Baun-Hockey-card-matchCalifornia Seals vs Philadelphia Flyers 1967 NHLBobby-Baun-nhl-1967California SealsCalifornia Seals Game VS Flyers

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