Bobby Orr 1974 1975 Game Used Stick

 Thanks for having a look at this sweet Bobby Orr game used stick. Orr used this new type graphic Victoriaville during the 1974 Stanley cup playoffs as you will notice in the photo below playing against the Philadelphia Flyers being chased by Bobby Clark. The graphics changed after December 1973 going to this neater type of design. This same style was also used during the 1975 season and before Booby Orr went back to Northland for his final season with the Bruins.

 This stick was given as a birthday gift to Frank. St. Marseille son Robbie and is signed to him on the upper shaft in perfect fashion. Sticks signed by Orr in the period are highly coveted and rare. This one shows perfect use with no cracks or damage.

 The 1974 Stanley Cup was won in 6 games by the Flyers over the Bruins in a highly contested series. This was old school hockey at its best and unfortunately, never to be seen again.

 Bobby Orr game used sticks are some of the nicest collectables around. His well known later years rib style tape job on the knob are a treat in the hobby. This one being singed in 1974 is one very cool twig indeed.



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