Cal Ripken 1982 Baltimore Orioles Game Used Bat

  Nice early Cal Ripken gamer obtained directly from a Blue Jays bat boy. Ripken bats came with out the junior on them for a while in the early 80’s.  Louisville Centerbrand stampings dated to the 1980 - 1983 era. Perfect game use with hit marks and seems marks on the left side of the barrel for a right handed hitter who only used one side of the bat to hit with. A couple spike marks also adorn the barrel. Cracked through the middle of the bat where the colour changes, 4 inches below and 3 inches above into the dark area. When you press the crack down, it's almost non existent. 8 on both ends in early Ripken style with the barrel 8 in Orioles orange which is something i've not seen on a Ripken bat. Small drilled hole from previous mounting at the bat boys home.

   Louisville Factory shipping records matched to 1982 having him ordered mostly this type walker finish bat during that season. It’s 35 inches and weighs 32.3 ounces. Straight grain but not wide, but as you can see, straight down the barrel. This P72 or P shooter, is the most common Ripken model bats. 


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