Carlton Fisk Boston Red Sox 1978 Game Used Jersey

 This specially sized Carlton Fisk body cover was worn by the hall of fame back stop during the 1978 season for the Boston Red Sox, It shows a ton of wear with tobacco stains all down the front as Fisk was known to chew tobacco and dip the snuff as well.

 Fisk was a unanimous selection for rookie of the year in 1969 which was the first time that had happened in major league Baseball history. He went on to play for 24 seasons and was elected to the Hall of Fame. 

  Fisk played for the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox so he liked the sox type teams. A long storied career with the highlight of hitting a game 6 winning home run in the 1975 World series to beat the Cincinnati Reds. The Sox would not win the series that season but that Home Run is known world wide.



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