Darryl Sittler Toronto Maple Leafs Game Used Jersey

  Not often do you find Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys from the durene tie down era. These type were often thrown out and sent to minor league teams in the system and also used in practises. This special gamer was worn by then assistant Captain, Darryl Sittler. Shows incredible season long use. Sittler was given the A during the 1974 1975 season and became Captain the following season in 1975-76. This is the only Assistant Captains home jersey he was ever issued. This game used jersey has 15 repairs and are of the pinch behind variety that have been discussed in previous posts. The neatest repair is under the A which means this one was worn with out the A prior to Sittler being given this designation. In the photo matches below, you will notice the A in exact position in relation the the Leafs crest. You will also see some matches with no A as well. The photo of Ron Ellis with Darryl Sittler in the background, will show where the A positioning is different for each jersey. I think that maybe the A was positioned in this way on the Sittler to cover up the repair that was done prior to this time. The caption of Norm Ullman shows the 1973 season type of A that was used. The top hat A was used during the 74-75 season. More photo matches to come.

 These type repairs we done during the 1967 to 1977 Toronto Maple Leafs jersey era. Joe Sgro was the equipment man during this time and he told me the dry cleaners of the jerseys, also repaired them. Blood stains are also evident around the collar where a nice early Darryl Sittler period autograph resides. Beauty double fight strap sewn in and is indicative of the era where most everyone dropped the mitts at some time. Very happy to have this special one of a kind jersey in the collection. I know i was at a few games with my Dad during the time when this jersey was worn so it makes it very nice to have indeed.


Darryl-Sittler-1974-1975-Jersey-Toronto-Maple-LeafsToronto-Maple-Leafs-1974-1975-Darryl-Sittler-Used-Worn-JerseyDarry-Sittler-Autograph-Jersey-19751975-Toronto-Maple-Leaf-RepairsJersey-Repairs-1974-Darryl-SittlerDarryl-Sittler-Jersey-Arm-NumbersDarryl-Sittler-photo-Matched-Toronto-Maple-Leafs-1975Darryl-Sittler-photo-Matched-Toronto-Maple-Leafs-1975Sittler-Maple-Leafs-washington-CapitalsMaple-Leaf-GardensMaple-Leaf-Gardens-Sittler-Ellis-DrydenNorm-Ullman-eddie-Shack-Toronto-maple-leafs-1973Flyers-Leafs-Maple-Leaf-gardens-NHL-GameDarryl Sittler Photo Match Jersey 1974 Toronto Maple Leafs

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