Dave Schultz 1974 Philadelphia Flyers Game Used Jersey

  The hammer was a beast out there for the Broad Street Bullies in the seventies. This jersey was worn during the 1974 - 1975 season, while he was racking up an NHL record 472 penalty minutes which still stands today. This is one record that we can safely say will never be broken. They would throw a guy in jail for these type minutes now a days!!

  This was the only season in which the arm numbers were really close to the bottom of the arms. You can notice that the repair on the right sleeve has shortened the length between the number 8 and the beginning of the black area and would match had it not. The other pictures are matched to the puckering on the back number 8 as well as the positioning . The picture of him fighting Fred Barrett of the North Stars is from a game on November 8, 1974 and was the Flyers 8th home game of the season. This accounts for the lack of use on it in that picture and also why the right arm repair is not yet present. I am looking into this one to see if it was used in the Stanley Cup that year. With this much use, TV nameplate, i’d say it was a good bet that it was. The blood all over this one is not from Schultz, he told me that on the phone a couple months ago. He was happy to see It and was a really nice guy to talk with. You would never know he was nicknamed the Hammer!!

  Dave Schultz played 535 regular season NHL games and added another 73 in the playoffs on route to winning 2 Stanley cups with the Flyers. The Hammer played for the Flyers, Los Angeles Kings, Pittsburgh Penguins and ended his career with the Buffalo Sabres. Born in Waldheim Saskatchewan, this tough Canadian was an integral part of the Broad Street Bullies that won cups in 1974 and 1975. Schultz will always be remembered as the toughest man on ice during this era of the NHL.



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