Doug Gilmour Game Used Stick 1993 Maple Leafs


 Doug Gilmour almost took the Toronto Maple Leafs to the Stanley Cup in 1993. A bad non call and some guy named Gretzky halted that run for the cup that season. This stick was the exact same style Doug used during that playoff run as you can see from the photos from Graig Abel. These black Hespelers are really nice sleek sticks and this one is a perfect example with great use and no cracks or damage other than from NHL and possibly playoff use. You can still some remnants of the baby power he used on the blade tape. Dougs typical tape job adorns this beauty and would be a nice addition to a Gilmour collection.

 Doug Gilmour played for the St. Louis Blues, Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs, New Jersey Devils, Chicago Blackhawks and the Montreal Canadiens. He signed with the Leafs for one game to end his career with his home town club. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall Of Fame in 2011. A fitting tribute to a player who played the game as it should be.


Doug-Gilmour-Game-Used-Stick-Torontno-Maple-Leafs-1993Doug-Gilmour-Toronto-Maple-LeafsDoug-Gilmour-Tape-Job-NHL-Game-Used-StickHespeller-Doug-Gilmour-Game-Used-StickDoug-GilmourGilmour NHL Playoffs 1993Wayne-Gretzky-Doug-Gilmour

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