Esteban Loaiza Toronto Blue Jays Game Used Jersey


 Really nice sleeveless Esteban Loaiza Toronto Blue Jays game used jersey. This spare was made up for him in 1999 as the Jays thought he was coming to them mid season but he did not arrive till the following year. It seems the Jays did not make up a new one of this style for him as you can see by the perfect photo match of this jersey to Loaiza tossing a pitch during a game in 2000. You will notice the exact positioning of the J in Jays beside the button and the fraying on the J half way down the letter, perfectly matching this bumpy type frayed area on the jersey.

 Loaiza had a long 14 year major league career, suiting up for 8 teams in total. He started with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1995 and then played for the Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, Washington Nationals, Oakland A's, Los Angeles Dodgers and came back to the White Sox in 2008 to finish off his time as a major league pitcher. 



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