Kevin Stacom Boston Celtics 1974 Game Used Jersey


 This really sweet style Boston Celtics game used jersey was worn by the club during the 1969 to 1975 seasons. This one was used by then rookie Kevin Stacom who was drafted out of  high school first by the Chicago Bulls in 1973 and then by the Celtics in 1974 out of Holy Cross high school in Flushing New York. This beauty is photo matched to his press photo as all the identifiers match up perfectly. The other action shot of him, notice the exact spacing between the Celtics lettering and the number 27. In other photos of him post 1974, all the lettering is in totally different positions and the team changed styles after 1974. The Sand-Knit tagging has lost one part of the upper tag due to extensive wear and you can clearly see the outline where it once resided.

  This season for Stacom was one to remember as the Boston Celtics went on to win the NBA championships. With this type of use, I would think it was used in the playoffs and finals of that season but have yet to find a match for it during those games.



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