Mike Bossy New York Islanders 1985 - 1986 Game Used Jersey

 Just an amazing photo matched jersey worn by Mike Bossy during the 1985 1986 season while playing for the New York Islanders. In the photo of him kneeling near the bench, you will notice the same loose threads at the CCM logo. Bossy was the man for the Islanders and this jersey shows a ton of wear from his stick and several others stick marks all over the arms. Mike used some type of sticky black substance on his stick and it is all over the bottom of this jersey.

 Bossy has the most 50 goal season with 9 and was inducted into the Hockey Hall Of Fame in 1991. He won four Stanley Cups in a row with the Islanders starting in 1980, 81, 82 and 83. Mike retired after only 10 seasons in the NHL due to having issues with his back. He scored 573 goals and added 553 assists for a total of 1,126 points in 752 games. This jersey is photo matched and you can see the date tag under the CCM tag which shows in green 85 01 which is the date of manufacture.

 This amazing jersey comes from the collection of long time Penguins equipment man, John Doolan. He has had this in his home for over 35 years.



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