Oakland Seals 1970 Game Used Puck

 This is one really nice puck to have in my collection. I purchased this biscuit from a guy in California who also had a nice Bobby Orr stick that I also got in the deal. The cool part is both items have the old school typing on that recorded the day of the game and score from the night. These Seals pucks are hard to find and have not seen any dated like this one. It hopped over the glass and was caught by as the time, this young fan who had kept it all these years. Reminds me of when I would go to games and get pucks and cracked sticks during the game as they came off the ice. The game was played in California on March 20, 1970 and the opponent that night was the Detroit Red Wings. The Seals prevailed 3 to 2. the puck shows perfect NHL use and seems like tio was in the game for some time before being lifted into the stands.

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