Pete Rose Cincinnati Reds Game Used Jersey 1967

Pete Rose 1967 Game Used Jersey


 This is one rare piece of flannel. All original, Pete Rose, photo matched 1967 road jersey.  Pete Rose won his first batting title in 1967. The picture of Rose is from a Sports Illustrated magazine, towards the end of the 67 season. That year is the only year that the buttons were positioned as they are on this pearl. The second button crosses over in the ‘I’ in Cincinnati.

 The first set of this jersey which I will show as well, the position is in the same spot, but not quite as deep into the I as this one. You can also notice just below that second button, a type of indent in the material. Very evident in the SI capture as well as the first two items, is a fraying of the third button protruding from the bottom of it. Zoom in on the photo of the Hit King, The matches are dead on!! Tremendous even wear all over, with huge signs of dirt on the front from those head first dives Rose was famous for. The lettering and numbering are all frayed and this one was most likely used in spring training of 1968 by Rose as this was a common practice of the ball club. The tagging in the neck is missing. Set 2 and 1967 year tag on the inside bottom left hem and made by MacGregor.  It is very rare for one to have survived in it’s original form as most were stripped of their names and numbers, then sent to the minors. The circled area are several spots that the jersey also matches up.Pete Rose Jersey1967 Pete Rose

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