Rick Vaive Toronto Maple Leafs Game Used Jersey


 Rick Vaive donned this special Leafs jersey during the second half of the 1986-87 season and right through the playoffs. 2 patch beauty, hammered with 20 repairs, in memory of King Clancy and to make Canadians aware of Heart and Stroke issues. This sweet jersey has been photo matched many times over and one perfect bang on match has been added to the post. Notice the repair on the left 2 and the patches in the only location for the second half of the season. More matches to come.

  Vaive was the first Leafs player in history to score 50 goals in a season and he did that 3 times as a leaf in consecutive seasons from 1981-82 to 1983-84. During the 1986-87 season when this puppy was worn, he tallied 32 times and assisted on 34 others and had 4 more goals in the playoffs in 13 games. These are some of the nicest Toronto Maple Leaf game worn jerseys in the hobby. I remember these on TV when I was a 20 year old non jersey having human and always thought they were very cool.

 This jersey was acquired directly from the person who purchased them from the Maple Leafs trainer. His photo copy of the transaction is also included. 4 more photo matches have been added along with a shot of him in the playoffs.



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