Robin Ventura Chicago White Sox 1990 Used Jersey


Really cool throwback jersey worn by Robin Ventura in 1990 while suiting up for the White Sox. You can notice the number change from 21 to 23 as he had a slow start to his season and decided to change things up. The hat and pants are included. Very rare and hard to find set, especially from a start like Ventura. Very rare and hard to find sets, especially from a star like Ventura.

Robin Ventura was the best College player during the late 1980's. He attended Oklahoma State University where he won the Golden Spikes award for the best player not playing professionally and was drafted in the first round by the Chicago White Sox. A few days and rounds later, I was drafted by the White Sox. It's too bad they gave him all that money as they had none left for me, or so I was told 😉



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