Ted Williams 1969 Washington Senators Game Used Jersey

 So happy to have this jersey in the collection. This one was acquired from a gentleman named Bob Kirk. Bob had hundreds of flannels from all major league teams from back in the day. He sent letters to teams and received many jerseys from them.

 This Ted Williams Washington Senators photo matched, autographed jersey is just as sweet as they come. Sweat stains adorn the lower half where the jersey would be tucked in so some DNA to form another super star exists 😉 

 It is only recently that my friend Chris was able to photo match it to Ted sitting on the bench and its a bang on match! I believe it  also be the one pictured on opening day on the pictures with President Richard Nixon and opening day 1969 as the 100 year patch area seems to match up but not 100% bang on.

Thanks to Chris for the match and thanks for having a look. Enjoy your day and be nice to humans and animals.



Ted-Williams-Game-Used-Jersey-1969-Washington-SenatorsWilliams-Washington-Senators-JerseyTed-Williams-Autograph-Signature-Boston-Red-Sox-Washington-SenatorsTed-Williams-1969-Patch-Senators1969-American-League-100-Year-Patched-Game-Used-JerseySweat-Stains-DNA-Ted-WilliamsPhoto-Matched-Game-Used-Jersey-Ted-WilliamsTed Williams Seated In Dugout, Laughing July 1, 1969Ted-Williams-Photo-Matched-Game-Worn-JerseyPresident-Richard-Nixon-Ted-Williams-Yankees-Senators-1969-Opening-DayTed-Williams-opening Day-1969President Richard Nixon throws out the ceremonial first pitch April 7, 1969 in Washington, as Washington Senators manager Ted Williams and Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn look on. (Associated Press)Ted-Williams-Senators-1969Ted-Williams-1969-Richard-Nixon

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