Toronto Maple Leafs Ballard Blue Nameplate

 This is one of those items that when you see it, it takes you back to old time hockey when owners ran the show. This nameplate was made blue on blue on purpose as the NHL mandated nameplates for all visiting teams. Harold Ballard did not like that rule as it would cost him money in programs as no one would buy them knowing who was who on the ice. These were impossible to see from the stands and that's what they were made to do. These didn't last long before the NHL caught on and amended that rule for proper colours. It was 1977 when this came into effect and Alain Belanger was lucky enough to have been on the team at the time. The photo is of those exact nameplates with Borje Salming having one on his back.

  Ballard only had one thing in mind when he ran the Leafs, CASH! He and King Clancy were very nice to me at Centennial Arena they he brought me into practise, hooked me up with hot chocolate and later had the trainer give me a couple sticks.. Ian Turnbull and Dan Maloney twigs, it was such a cool day I will never forget.



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