Wayne Gretzky 1800th Point Game Used Stick

This stick was used to get Wayne Gretzky’s 1800 point of his illustrious career. That day, February 18, 1989, Gretzky had 7 points and used this stick to tally all of them, 3 goals and 4 assists. The 1800 point was an assist towards the end of the game in Quebec VS the Nordiques. In the video, you can see Wayne hand this stick along with the puck that he picked out of the net, to the equipment man on the bench after the point is recorded. He did not get any more points after that point in the game as it was late in the 3rd period when he assisted on a goal by Luke Robitaille. In the video, you can see the strands of tape that are missing from the blade. This stick comes from that same equipment man who Wayne handed the stick to. Great use on this one and with a hat trick and the 1800th point, this stick is very rare and an amazing piece to have.

There are only 3 NHL players all time that have 1800 points or more. They are Gordie Howe, Mark Messier and Jaromir Jagr. This would be one of 4 sticks that have ever been used to score 1800 points ever and the only one Gretzky used to notch this number. Amazing milestone Wayne Gretzky stick, video matched and directly from the equipment man with his letter of authenticity. He has marked the stick #99 1800 PT and dated February 18, 1989.

The stick is Titan date coded to being made on December 22, 1988 with the 1-002 heel stamp.

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