Wayne Gretzky 1979 - 1980 Game Used Stick

Impossible to find, Wayne Gretzky red Custom Pro. These type sticks were used by Gretzky during 1980 pre season as evidenced by pictures from the book, An Oiler Forever. On page 48, Gretz is shown using this exact type stick and tape job. The 75th Oilers patch on his sleeve as well as having no name plate of the jersey which was from pre season action. Pictures to follow. Titan coding on the back is very hard to read but I am still doing work on that. This stick comes from the original owner who was a rep for Titan in Ontario Canada. This was purchased from his son who was given the stick as a 7 year old. A letter will also be added at a later date from the family.

This stick is just a perfect example of a Gretzky gamer. Nice early tape job on the blade with puck marks and taped the way Gretzky always had his done early in his NHL career. Really nice use on this pearl with  almost totally faded signature from 1980. Very small in size as Gretz used a very short stick early on. The corners are all rounded as Gretzky liked till mid season when the white Titan TPM that he used for all his amazing records, came to be. I have only seen one other example of this stick making it a very nice twig to have. 

Wayne Gretzky is one of the top 3 players of all time in NHL history. He changed the game with his scoring and knack for knowing where the puck would be several seconds before others did. Not many will challenge his records but they said that about Gordie Howe as well. It would seem a very tough task as Gretzky scored and assisted with numbing regularity, difficult to do in this type of NHL.

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