Wayne Gretzky First Aluminium Stick Used In An NHL Game LA Kings 1989 1990


  This is one cool piece of aluminum. I remember watching Gretzky use this stick at practise in Culver City in 1989-90. I thought how cool would it be to have one of, if not the first aluminum stick he used before the magical flashy aluminum he made famous, came to be. Well this is that type of stick right here. Marked up by the trainers and Easton to ensure which blade was the one Gretzky wanted and signed on the shaft by Gretzky as well as initialed by the trainer to denote its use, being the first shaft he used in an NHL game.  Amazing item only seen in the picture added that was taken in 1990 at Walter Gretzky’s home in Brantford Ontario Canada and by me in person at the rink. Lots of use makes this one special stick to have in the collection.

  Wayne’s contract with Titan was ending in 1989-90 so this stick was painted all white to make it look like the usual white Titans he used for the past ten seasons. When I first saw it, I knew what it was and realized why the stick was painted like it was. I had no idea it was an Easton nor did anyone outside of the team. Easton along with Sherwood were trying to sign Wayne up to use their sticks with good reason.

  In the picture at the Gretzky home, you will notice the group of stick to the right in the photo. The all white Easton Aluminum is taped to a Sherwood on the right side of it and two Titans to its left. I will show the Sherwood in another post.

 You will never find a more rare Gretzky aluminum stick which was used to make his future sticks that Kept Gretz on his path to unreal records in the NHL.

  This stick comes from a trainers collection from the Kings.

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