Wayne Gretzky Sherwood Game Used Stick LA Kings 1989

  Another very rare and hard to find Wayne Gretzky  stick. Sherwood along with Easton was trying to sign Gretzy to a stick contract after the contract with Titan ended during the 1989-90 season while with the LA Kings.

 This is one of very few that were made up for Wayne to try in games and practises.  In the picture below, you will see a picture taken at the Gretzky home in Brantford Ontario in the earl 90’s.   The grouping of sticks to the right of the photo, clearly show the exact same type of Sherwood in Walters collection. Notice no name on the shaft, just the iconic 99 as being the same as this stick shown here. 

 This one comes from a Kings trainers collection and is said to have been used in a game. Lots of use on this one with marks all over the shaft and wear to the 99 and gripper. Proper tape job and NHL labelling removed, would make that a proper gamer for Gretzky. These don’t come around at all being a very limited production and Wayne went with Easton making them one of the most well known stick makers of the era.

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