Wayne Gretzky Los Angeles Kings 1991 1992 Game Used Jersey

Gretzky 2 patched, multiple photo matched gamer from the Kings 25th year in the NHL, and the NHL’s 75th year in existence. The jersey is set tagged in black marker by Peter Millar, 1991-92-away, circled PM-set 2. That season marking the NHL 75th, teams wore home jerseys at home and  sometimes on the road.  

  One of the matches is Gretzky facing off from a calendar that featured Gretzky. This picture is the one of him facing the camera, matched to the black thread on the Captain’s C right in the middle of it, sticking out into the silver and white part. You will also notice the same exact spacing between the crimping of both ends of the C as well as the puckering on it from washing. The next picture showing Gretz from behind and the side, the match is on the left number 9 on the back. The puckering is the exact same all the way down the 9. You will also notice the TY stitching on the left hip, just to the left of the CCM patch. That is TY for his son.  The hockey card picture is really a cool match. That area you see where the arm is torn,is the repair you now see on the jersey. Also, you can see the same black thread on the C. The smaller hockey card picture, is also of the black thread on the C.

  The other picture is Gretzky playing in Hartford in this jersey, on the road. The picture under that one, is at the old Forum, home to the Kings at that time. The newest match is from the Sporting News while playing the St. Louis Blues. he is facing off with his back to the camera and left arm is showing . You can see several areas of matches from all the threads on the 99 arm numbers, TY patch area, arm repairs In the exact same spot before It got larger and needed repair. The back numbers matched with threads and puckering.  The set tagging denotes being used on the road as well as at home.


Wayne, Gretzky, Jersey Wayne-Gretzky-Captain-Los-Angeles-Kings-1991The-Great-One-Wayne-GretzkyPhoto-Matched-Gretzky-Worn-JerseyPeter-Millar-LA-Kings-1991Wayne-GretzkyDate-Coding-LA-Kings-1991-Used-Jersey-GretzkyPhoto-Matched-Wayne-GretzkyGretzky-1991-Cut-Out-Fight-StrapLos-Angeles-Kings-1991-1992-GretzkyGretz-Photo-MatchLA-Kings-Wayne-Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky Celebrates On Ice

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