Roy Howell 1977


Nice 1977 first year Jays Roy Howell Jersey. All sewing is the same other than the Jays logo patch. The stains could be tobacco juice as Howell dipped and chewed the vile weed. Tagged 13, player number, 77, year, and 2 for set number. The first set of Jays home jerseys were damaged by improper laundering and some were altered and sent to the minors as was the first set of road jerseys. This one might have seen duty all season long at home. I will show an example of that as well as a set 3 from the Jays first year. That usually meant there was an issue with the first set of homes as the Jays were on a tight budget and would not have had more jerseys than needed. Most clubs at this time had two sets of home and road.