Ted Williams 1953



This Ted Williams bat shows just an amazing amount of use. Both sides of the barrel are peppered with ball and seem marks. You can see the grain being raised and having been boned on both sides of the hitting surface. The handle shows area’s where pine tar was cleaned as Williams often did that to keep his bats the same weight as when they were new. Right on the base of the knob, you can see clear remnants of tar as well as the grains of the handle housing the same brown marks. This one can be dated directly to 1953 as there is a mark on the barrel stamping that shows a little dot which was an error on the steel plate used to burn in the Louisville stamp from that year only. In 1953, Ted started the season in Korea flying fighter planes and was almost shot down and barely landed his jet safely. He returned to the Red Sox and Fenway Park and played in 39 games. With the amount of use on this bat, it must have been a favorite of Ted’s. He hit 13 Home Runs and I’d think he hit a few with this absolute beauty of a bat. It matches shipping records from Louisville and only 46 bats in total were ordered for that season. It Is 35 inches and 32 ounces W166 and feels better than any bat i’ve ever held in my hands.