Tiger Williams 1974-75

Tiger Williams started his pro career wearing this jersey on the road for the Leafs. The double garter belt fight strap is just awesome to see. It also has several small repairs and a couple very large ones. Some are of the pinched from behind type which I have seen In Leafs jerseys from this era and back to the late sixties. The Brian Glennie In this section show the same type as well.  Tiger wore this when he came up to the club In 1974-75 playing 42 games and then again In 1975-76. In this dead on photo match, notice the crinkle under the S on the Leaf crest. Also, the way the tie down strings are set, is the exact same. These type Toronto Maple Leafs game worn jerseys are very hard to find and this is a welcome addition to the Game Used Only collection.