Todd Bargman

This picture was taken at the LA Kings practise facility in Culver City California, January 1990. Peter Millar gets photo credit on this one. This was the first of several times I got to hang around the Kings and the Great One. I had just signed with the Angels in October and was working out with Dick Scofield at Anaheim stadium to get ready for training camp. During my first trip to work out, I didn’t know my way to the club house. A young guy, someone I thought was maybe a clubby, said he would show me the way. Turns out, it was Mark Langston, my bad! I can also recall when my cousin Brad came down to the locker room after a work out. Bert Blyleven, who was a couple lockers away, noticed Brad was very shy to be around all these ball players . He came right over, stuck out his hand, introduced himself and proceeded to give Brad a big fat twisty purple nurple..That was hilarious. I loved it, Brad, not so much.
The picture of me on deck was taken in 1987 at old Exhibiton Stadium in Toronto while playing for Team Canada. The picture of me as a kid, same Stadium but 1977 during the Jays first season, interviewing Steve Mingori.