Wade Boggs 1986 – 1989


This is a rare, heavy flame treated Boggs gamer from 1989. He only ordered this type one time and it falls right on factory records for this bat. It is 34.5 inches and weighs 32 ounces. I had not seen a heavy flame treated bat in my hands, before this one. You can see how it has this kind of yellow color to it, almost as if it were burned, as it turns out, thats exactly what happened. From a close friend of wally Joyner, this bat has some very minor grain swelling from being hit in the same spot over and over. This had to be a favourite of Boggs as it is just hammered with use and tar. The Pine Tar has actually made itself into hand grooves for the left handed hitter and you can slide your mitts right where he held this one.